Friday, September 21, 2012

End of week three

Who knew that I would be better at  getting rid of stuff than I was at making stuff?

This afternoon I will fill a bag with the 10 items for this week. (It's a sad commentary on my house that I am not having any trouble meeting my 10 item quota. )  I am doing better in that area than I am on making things.

On the craft front, I have been spinning the hair from my 2 Shetland Sheepdogs almost every day.
The weather has been most cooperative and so the screened porch is a delight during most of the day. My spinning production has improved since I have put the bag of dog hair and the spindle next to my favorite chair on the porch and spin when I let the dogs out to go potty. It has confused the dogs no end. Conner will walk by and smell the spindle and just stand and look at it. I guess he is trying to figure out how he can be in his own skin and yet have part of him on "that wooden thing". Nah, that would be giving Conner more alert brain cells than he has.  Allie tends to ignore the entire spinning process. This could be a result of trying to put her nose in the spokes of a spinning wheel when I first got her. Maybe she has just decided to stay away from anything that goes around, including the hand spindles.

One thing that can really eat up the time is Pinterest.  It is great fun looking at all the various ideas. I have now posted so many that I will need an army of crafters to get it all done. If you haven't found Pinterest, be sure to check it out. You too can become addicted.  Guess that  would make  me an enabler.

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ewespecial said...

dear enabler! yes, I found pinterest several months ago and realized that there was just too many things there that I liked!
So, have been staying away until you mentioned it in this blog post--had to go look again! drats! it is definitely a time suck..........
great idea to have spindle/fiber near your favorite sitting spot--okay, off to look at pinterest--again!!