Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Flying Monkeys, pillowcases, and Christmas

Didn't realize how busy I had been until I noticed how long it had been since I posted anything.
The project PillowCares for the Methodist Children's Home was a huge success. I'll post some pictures of the pillowcases. It will be an ongoing project so that each child that comes into the home will have something handmade that is theirs to keep. Evenutally we hope to expand to include the other Methodist homes in the state. Plans are already underway to make the pillowcases for the children who attend Grace Camp this summer. (Grace Camp is for those children whose parent is in prison.) We'll need about 40 for that project. I'll be contacting churches thoughout the state to encourage participation in the PillowCares project.
The holidays were awesome! JJ and I had a great time with special friends who are indeed closer than family. We have seen each other through a lot of life's events and the relationship is special and a special blessing.
Now about the flying monkeys--the guys' stockings contained flying screaming monkeys which were an absolute riot. The ante for craziest stocking stuffer has certainly been upped. We had a ball firing these things around the room at each other. Opening presents was delayed by about 10 minutes while targets were aimed at, but not always hit. You really had to keep a heads up attitude since some of us had trouble with directing the speeding monkey in a straight line.
It was wonderful being back in the Shalimar church for worship. As always the music was superb and the message was very meaningful. It's like wrapping a warm fuzzy blanket around yourself. After the service we got to visit with more friends and catch each other up on what's happening in our lives.
Conner and Allie were delighted when I got home. They probably won't be so delighted when I bath them next week but it's a necessity at this point.