Saturday, February 20, 2010

What great fun!

With the encouragement of a friend, I did something this morning that I have wanted to do for years. I took my first lesson in driving a horse.

Molly is a beautiful Haflinger Horse with great patience but enough life to make the entire experience fun. I was in a sulky and although we stayed at a walk and then a trot, it was wonderful, awesome, and I can't wait to do it again. When you are driving along and the horse is moving as you directed and the breeze is on your face, it is one of those glorious moments that is meant to be treasured.

Although I grew up riding horses, this was the first time I tried to drive one. I'm a convert, addict, and totally hooked. Next week I'll try to actually have someone take pictures. I brought the camera but was so excited (like a kid in a candy shop) that I only remembered the camera after I was ready to go and by then someone else was riding Molly. I did get a shot of her beautiful head however.

Oh, I also rode Molly for a bit and I'll pay for that with sore muscles tomorrow. I am already feeling the aching in the joints from the driving but it was worth every twinge. I don't think I had ridden with an English saddle since I was in high school. I feel more secure using a western one but I think the driving is going to continue to win out over everything.

It was everything I had imagined it to be and more. It required some extra awareness since I wasn't used to the sulky and so had to remember not to take the wheels off as I got next to the rail and to allow more room for turns but Molly was patient and we both survived the experience. The trainer, Marjorie, was very encouraging without being demanding and when she suggested riding as well, it just seemed like a natural thing to do. (I'm not sure "natural" will be the word for it tomorrow.)

The driving was a high like I hadn't experienced in years and I am so glad that I decided to try it. I think I may go take the dogs for a walk now while I can still move and then I see a warm bath and several Tylenol in my future.

And to answer your question, yes, I have already booked my lesson for next week. Surely I can pull the body together by then.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Whether you participate as an athlete or a spectator, there is something magical about the Olympics. Canada's opening ceremonies were beautifully presented. The native tribes were incredible, both the costumes and the dances. It wasn't as splashy as China's but I enjoyed them so much more. Well done Canadians!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The CBSG group out did themselves To the tune of "hey, hey we're the
monkeys" they performed a hysterical routine. This is a very creative
group and each year they bring us something special.

The stockings are handknit and some are even of handspun yarn. It's
fun groups like this that make January Spin-in so much fun.


Decisions, decisions

T'is hard to decide whether it is nobler in spirit to knit or to spin, ah, to spin, perchance to finish the silk, or to knit and thus to complete the prayer shawl (which is barely started), or to take up needles against a new project and thus by doing so finish something.
*My apologies to Shakespeare but it raining today and therefore waxing poetic is allowed--mildew on the brain and all that.

The problem with January Spin-in is that I end up with too many projects I want to rush out to try and there's only one of me which is why I have been trying to promote a fiber clone for years. Well, several clones and then I could bounce from one project to the next without guilt and when I moved on the clones could complete what I had left behind. Have I mentioned I am a process person?

Ok, I am now going to seriously do at least 5 rows on the prayer shawl and then reward myself by knitting with some of my handspun cotton...or maybe spin some more silk on the wheel, or on the Trindle spindle, or perhaps spin the BFL on the other wheel....Hey, you didn't expect total reform this early in the year, did you?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First socks finished

Yes, they were actually finished the first day of Spin-in. 3 days
early as I didn't need them until Sat. I LOVE deadlines. I always seem
to function best right up against them.

I found the size 1 needles a bit hard on the hands but a friend
suggested that the problem was with the metal needles rather than the
size. Next time I'll use wooden needles and see if that helps.

Yes, there will be another pair of socks at some point. Right now I'm
looking for my size 13 needles.

First Socks

Traveling scarf exchange

Aren't these gorgeous ? They were done by some of the participants of
the January Spin-in and were made using handspun yarn.
I have been a participant in this type of exchange before but never
experienced this level of beauty. I look at these and want to
participate but then I look in the bottom of a couple of drawers and
see why I don't.