Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby bird

Baby bird
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This little one was discovered just a few feet from the villa. He was possibly 3 inches in length, if that long. He stayed very still . So still in fact that the dogs didn't even notice him--smart bird. I hope he made it safely through the night since he was gone in the morning . While I was taking this picture, without the dogs in attendance, the adult birds were giving me a very strong lecture about getting so close to their baby.

I love having so much of the outdoors close by without the city noises. I think I am a country girl at heart. 

From the Porch

From the Porch
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I am enjoying the beauty of the North Carolina mountains while escaping the usual summer heat of lower elevations.

This is the view from the villa's screened in porch. Mornings were in
the 60s and the views while walking were wonderful.

The locals complain about how warm it is. HA! This weather is great.  Frequenting the pond are 8 Canada geese - 2 parents and 6 babies. They are a source of fascination for the dogs but only for watching. For some odd reason they don't bark at the geese--just the golfers. It could be because the geese don't hit golf balls in their direction.  I also observed 2 beavers who are working very hard to build a dam in this pond. It's amazing what large branches they can tow across the pond in their endeavor.

A large turtle with a shell that appears to be about 12 inches across was spotted yesterday and a couple of fair sized fish.  I have wondered if any of them have been hit by the golf balls as some of the golfers can't seem to make it 1) to the hole instead of past that to the water, or 2) tee off with a strong enough shot to clear the water for the next hole. I think I could retire on the number of balls in that pond if I could retrieve them and sell them. The birds spotted so far are lots of indigo buntings, finches, a rufous sided towee and of course the inevitable sparrows.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Knit in Public Day Great Fun!!!

BRRS at B & N
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We came, we knitted, we ate, and we had a great time. We so need to do this again soon....after some rest.

We had several new people join our knitting group to celebrate WWKIP. Wonderful to have them and I think everyone had a great time. We started at the Farmer's Market, then went to Barnes and Noble bookstore. California Pizza Kitchen was the spot for lunch. We were supposed to go to the library for the next couple of hours but between work, dogs that needed to be let out, and just being tired, that didn't happen. We did manage to gather again at Brew HaHa for frozen lemonade / coffee and the most wonderful desserts--cake balls.

Since we had pretty much pigged out all day, we elected to skip supper and go home and collapse.
It might be noted that the 3 year old, Harley, hung in there all day and was in better shape than most of us at the end.

With all of that knitting activity, I am not sure how I only managed to get 4 rows done on the prayer shawl I'm knitting but that was the total production for the day.

Thanks goodness tomorrow is a day of rest. I'll tell you about the concert last night later.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saints Pig

Saints Pig
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Never let it be said that we miss an opportunity to celebrate a
winning team in strange and wonderful ways.

This pig was reclining in front of Magnolia Cafe which serves some
really great food at very reasonable prices. I would like to show you
the fabulous turkey sandwich on toasted pita complete with avocado
slices and sprouts I would show it to you but I finished it before I
thought of you and a picture. You're going to have to get your own.