Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I just read the funniest thing in the world! I was surfing and looked up "organizing your stuff" for the fun of it. It has been on my mind quite a bit lately as the "stuff" runnith over.

Well, in this article it talked about getting rid of things and that having empty shelves meant you could live in a smaller place, etc. Ok so far. And then the biggie "Put your knitting yarn in a plastic bag." Dear organizer person, if I could put my knitting yarn in a plastic bag there would be no need to read your ideas!

Now if you are any kind of a knitter or fiber person at all, you know that no decent stash is going to fit in A plastic bag. 10 plastic bags, maybe, but one-no way. Anyway that was my giggle for tonight.

I am halfway finished with a multi-directional scarf I am knitting on # 3 circulars using sock yarn. Seemed like a good idea at the start-just didn't expect this to take as long as it is. I wanted a flat scarf that isn't very long. I love the pattern and so have started a second one which will be a gift. For it I am using a larger size sock yarn and # 7 circulars.

Treated myself to an iPod this week. What fun! I have been listening to knitting podcasts while I knit and have found several I really enjoy. I suppose my next purchase will be a docking station but I am currently using the earphones and they are fine. I did get the adaptor for the car but haven't used it yet. Geez, do I feel hi-tech or what?