Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shades of Big Brother

I don't know about anyone else, but after reading 1984 at an impressionable age, I find the Google street view somewhat disturbing. It's bad enough that satellites are overhead taking pictures, but now they are driving around neighborhoods taking pictures. What next?

On the fiber front, I am working on what, I hope will be the next to last panel on the baby blanket. At least the yellow combinations have been cheerful to look at but this certainly wasn't a quick project! I have managed to do each panel in a different stitch pattern . I did one in plain garter and was bored out of my mind so I have been thinking up other things to do and perhaps that has slowed the process down. On the positive side,I know it has helped to keep me knitting on it.

I have been wrapping several yarns around a yardstick to see how they look together in anticipation of the Ravelympics which start tomorrow. I hope to knit a shawl for that and will probably use a dropped stitch technique as a pattern. ... along with big needles. The plan is to start with a small triangle and increase to about 24 inches and then either make the other end rounded or decrease to another small triangle. Basically it will be a rectangular shawl with funny ends. It's in my head but we'll see how it comes out on the needles. There may also be tassels involved.

Well, today has been designated "Bathe the Dogs" day so it should rain for the next week. Regardless of this possiblity, I need to either bathe them or douse them in perfume which would gross out myself and totally disgust Allie and Conner. On the other hand, I could run errands and get some chores around here done that are pending. SIGH. No, the dogs really do need bathing first. Why can't they learn to take showers?