Monday, May 19, 2008

knitting for avoidance

Well, I actually finished 3 knitting projects this week. A summer shawl knit with Peaches & Creme cotton in the potpourri color, an Edgar scarf done with Noro in blues/ purple / teal colors, and a very simple basic washcloth done using a cotton/linen blend.

All of this would have been much more impressive if it hadn't been done to avoid cleaning out the house. I started out well last week. Cleaned the bathrooms and even got rid of stuff in the drawers. I felt so proud of myself. Felt as if I was on a roll at long last to get rid of "stuff". HA! That feeling lasted less than 24 hours, hence the knitting / avoidance frenzy.

So far this year, I have gone through 2 shelves in the fiber stash, and 5 bathroom drawers. Considering that we are now halfway through May, this is not an impressive record and drastic measures may have to be taken to get some results that people can actually see.

Oh, yes, I went through the clothes in my closet....but again, guests will never see my hard labor unless I take them on a tour and that just might be a bit freaky. Unless they have the same "stuff" problem that I do and then they would understand. The downside of that is that I would be expected to view their clean closets at some future time and knowing that mine won't stay this neat, it could lead to a vicious cycle ....and another knitting frenzy.

Conner is going to start obedience classes -again! for the third time, next week. I have been the reason we dropped out of previous classes. The first time I tried a class in the local obedience club but when we stood with out dogs for an hour and 15 minutes and did absolutely no training on the first night I knew it was a waste of time. I went for 2 more classes and then quit.

Our second attempt was under our regular instructor (who I should have gone to at first), Dick Russell. Dick knows dogs and is excellent. My schedule got in the way of finishing that one. So, we will try again and we WILL finish this time. I wonder if "Stop eating baby birds " can be covered. Conner brought me 2 of them within 24 hours yesterday. Big yuck! Of course, this is a dog who sometimes eats Allie's poop so it's not like he has discriminating taste.

I am considering cleaning off the coffee table and dining room table today but on the other hand I have started the Scribbling shawl which is in the Mason Dixon Knitting book. No, no, must focus on cleaning. Have a party I'm giving in a couple of weeks and I can't ask the guests to clean....or can I? Maybe if I give knitted prizes for the one who does the best job?