Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moebius or mobius - It's all fun!

I don't care how you spell it, knitting a moebius using Cat Bordhi's method is just plain fun! I started knitting one yesterday using a DK weight cabled cotton. I am knitting on 47" Addi needles , size 9.

The youtube video is extremely helpful in getting started even though I also have her book on the topic. I have knit a moebius before and although it was fun, the beginning few rows were very hard on the hands and I never did fully understand why the whole thing worked. Cat's method is so much better and easier to understand.

I should finish this moebius today, even though I will probably stir the dust and round up the bunnies in the house since spinners are coming over tonight.

Speaking of dust bunnies... I am seriously wondering if you could needle felt them since most of it is hair from my Shelties. How cool would that be to have a needle felted dust bunny by the front door. Do you suppose it would scare people away or make them feel comfortable? Must give this some more thought.

In the meantime, I'm going to cast on for the next moebius since I have another circular needle just like the one I am using. Don't ask me how that happened. I have no idea and didn't discover it until I organized the needles yesterday. My thinking is that if I have 2 moebius going at the same time it won't look as if I bought the second needle because I couldn't remember what I had in the stash at home. I bought it because I "needed" the second one. different matter altogether. HA! I'll post pictures later.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm thunking!

I have a couple of knitting projects I am "thunking" about but so far no action on any of them. Every get where you have ideas buzzing around in your head but can't quite settle on which one to tackle first? That's where I am at the moment.

I want to do a mobius cowl. I want to do a regular cowl. I need to make a couple of baby gifts. I absolutely must finish the afghan for J that I have been knitting on forever. We won't discuss what the house looks like. Sigh.

So, what am I doing? I am sorting knitting needles---again! I really do think they jump out of their ziplock bags all by themselves while I sleep. Then they race madly around the house finding the absolute best hiding places they can. They also tend to remain very, very quiet when I am looking for them. I wonder if I could train the Shelties to find my hiding knitting needles? Bet I could hire them out if I was able to train them. Surely I am not the only knitter who has this problem.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happily ranting

It is sunny out today with a slight breeze, which, unfortunately, carries a lot of pollen with it. Therefore, I have elected to stay inside and rant.

In case you haven't noticed recently, people no longer make right or left turns, they make right or left angles. Lately the front bumper of my car has been in jeopardy several times and I have been well behind the line! Is it a trend of "I own the road" or simply a lack of good driving techniques? I don't know but I do know it is annoying. If you are in front of one of these angle drivers and you try to make a left turn, you can feel as if you are running a race to get to the street before they cut in front of you.

My next happy rant is about politicians who run for an office, lose and immediately run for the next available office which is not similar to the previous office. What this shouts to me is "I'm looking for a cushy job with lots of benefits / power where I don't have to do a lot of honest work." Why do people run for one office right after the other? I personally don't think it is from any altruistic motives but rather a desire for the taxpayer to foot the bill. Maybe I'm mistaken but I'm afraid I'm not.

Rant number 3, 652 concerns doing business with companies who have 800 numbers, employees who are not authorized to make decisions, tell you they will talk to a supervisor and call you back, and, oh surprise, never call you back. Let me talk to the darn supervisor myself and save us all some time and headaches.

Ok, I feel better and am going to knit on the cotton afghan for my son that I have been working on for months. Knitting is soothing when it is going right. I am also listening to "The Last Lion" by William Manchester which I love. Winston Churchill was a fascinating man. Bet he would have run over those angle drivers.