Friday, November 23, 2007

Fabric, Family and Friends

Happy Thanksgiving! Well, happy day after Turkey Day Thanksgiving. This week has been one that really pointed out to me how very much I am blessed with a wonderful son, awesome sister in law and her family, and friends that are beyond fantastic. They keep me balanced, add great joy to my life and I adore each of them. They are always there when I need them even before I ask. God is good!
I have actually gone 8 days now without knitting. What? How can this be?
I am working on a project of the heart and loving every minute of it. Several of us are making pillowcases for all of the 100 plus children at the Methodist Children's home. Eventually I hope this will become a statewide project and we can support all the Methodist Children's homes in the state. Right now there are people from 4 churches involved and the pillowcases are turning out to be fabulous! Since a sewing machine isn't my favorite toy, I have been buying fabric, cutting it, and putting together kits for those that actually love to sew. I've been like a kid in a candy store matching colors and patterns and having great fun especially since I don't actually HAVE to do the sewing. I'll probably complete at least one for the experience but I think I'll make sure some of my more talented friends oversee the project.
The challenge has been to find material suitable for boys that is also 100% cotton. There is an abundance of lavendars, pinks, and "flowery " patterns but not much "macho" stuff. The other challenge has been to find fabric on sale. The most I've had to pay was $6.00 a yard but it was really great fabric and I only needed 1 1/4 yards. Did I rationalize that well?
I hope to post some pictures later this week--or maybe early next week????

Monday, November 5, 2007


SAFF (Southeast Animal Fiber Forum) held at the Western North Carolina Ag Center was great fun! The weather was fabulous with clear, cool days and the trees were beginning to show color. I met some of the Peachtree group from Atlanta there along with some of the Choctawhatchee guild from FL . Nice to be around creative people! My son came over for the weekend and I was surrounded by tons of vendors with FIBER!
I really did resist--never actually look at your stash before going to something like that. The image keeps invading your thoughts as you shop--a real deterrent--most of the time. I limited myself to 2 cookie cutters for needle felting, a few ounces of dyed wool for the felting, and some gorgeous bamboo fiber in shades of turquoise and blue.
Needle felting seemed to be the big thing with lots of booths supporting the craft. I also managed to get some soap from The Soap Shed which is one of my favorite places. Not only are the soaps great smelling, the names are fabulous. Studly Bubbles???? Love it.