Sunday, September 2, 2012

Really, a year?

Well, as hard as it is for me to believe an entire year plus a few days has passed since I wrote the last post. I know you have suffered greatly missing my ramblings.

A lot has happened, almost all of it very positive but I won't bore you with all the details. A quick summary is that I made a major move and have rejoiced everyday since. When you have great peace after making a decision, it is almost always the right one. At least it seems to be that way for me.

Now, 12 months later I find that I really STILL haven't gotten rid of enough stuff. It is so much easier to acquire things than it  is to get rid of them. Why don't they teach that in schools? It would be a fabulous and much needed lesson that would certainly come in handy later in life.

All of which brings me to a challenge I am setting for myself. For the next year I am going to work toward 2 goals.

The first goal is to create something every day. Whether it is a card, a collage, a knitted washcloth, or finishing a larger project, it doesn't matter. What matters is that I exercise my creative side daily, not weekly, not sporadically, but daily. I'm depending on my friends to hold me accountable--- and join me in this endeavor if you wish. Birds of a feather and all that.

The second part is to get rid of the clutter. I recently took a carload of family stuff to my son with the understanding that he is free to toss whatever he wants. Getting it in the car was the easy part. Letting    go of ownership and, yes, guardianship, was harder but very, very freeing.  

Yesterday I came across a blog which talks about getting rid of ten items each week.. Well, as sometimes happens, I read it at an impressionable moment and immediately got rid of ten items from my closet. Put them in a bag and the bag in my car. That was so much fun, and painless, I now have a second bag in the car waiting for the trip to a local charity.

So, the second part of my one year challenge is to get rid of 10 items each week.  That's 520 things that will go away. Ok, that large a number sounds overwhelming so I am going to only think of the ten each week. Just those ten not the big number, definitely not the big number.

You are welcome to join me in this adventure also--double dog dare you.


ewespecial said...

I'll be glad to keep (nag!) you to keep on track of your two goals for the year!!

Charlie Mac said...

Mary asked me, since I was already on your blog, to remind you, and any other January Spin In member, that she is still heading up the prayer shawl ministry at our church. She would be happy to pick up any yarn suitable for shawls if people have any in their stash to donate and bring to Destin.
Already looking forward to a week of relaxing fun. See yall there.
Mary & Mac McFatter

Mac McFatter

nck said...

Have Mary post to the yahoo group. You know we always have yarn. Knitting the prayer shawls is one of my favorite things to do. I wonder how many of us are doing it?
My favorite group is Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers. We knit or crochet prayer shawls for the families of our military who are killed in action.