Friday, September 21, 2012

Rock and Roll, High School, and old bladders

This post should have been published in 2009 but somehow didn't so here it is a few years late.

Went back to my old High School tonight for the first time in 48 years. There was a concert to raise money for the 2 radio stations at the school.

The concert was awesome and worth every penny (dollar) of the ticket price. It was 3 hours of great entertainment, both new songs and some old rock classics. If you are a performer, you better know your lyrics when the audience is singing along with you.

The opening act was a classmate and it was wonderful to see him on stage. His style of music has changed over the years but he is still as good and funny as we remembered him being.

We were in the balcony which doesn't have any bathrooms on that floor. Not a problem when you are a teenager but quite a problem over 40 years later. It's not nice to take comfort in the fact that you weren't one of those who had to make the up and down trip twice but sometimes in life you take comfort in what you can.

Anyway, the company was good and the music made us all feel young again, even if just for a few hours. It also reminded me how very, very glad I am to be the age I am. I am also grateful for having grown up in the time that I did. (Ok, now that did sound like an old person's comment. It's the truth however.)

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